Benefits of ServiceSight Pro for Engineers

ServiceSight Pro is the definitive version of Protean Software’s innovative ServiceSight product. It builds on the latter’s award-winning Field Service Management Software, which is a cloud-based tool for a mobile workforce, by offering your engineers so much more. Here are the key ways that ServiceSight Pro will benefit your business engineers. 

What can ServiceSight Pro offer?

Engineer Management

Both versions of ServiceSight can act as a form of engineer management software by providing your company with job planning features. These make it easier to schedule and track field jobs plus allow for task updates via the Mobile App, which can improve efficiency and overall productivity. However, with ServiceSight Pro, your engineers will also benefit from features such as:

  • Easier payment collection with Advanced Quotations and Automated Invoicing
  • Job Costing and Profitability Reports to help task management for both the business and field engineers. 
  • Automated Recurring Jobs which reduces admin and simplifies task preparation.

Happier Customers

Whilst many Pro features are geared towards minimising the time-consuming processes which take your engineers out of the field, the software also benefits your company’s consumer end. Additions to the ServiceSight Pro tool include customer alerts and Order Processing Software. This offers several advantages for your engineers, but chiefly it can streamline sales tasks and speed-up customer service, leaving your consumers happier than ever! 

Supply Tracking

Whether you’re concerned about stock, equipment, or both, ServiceSight Pro software is designed to help you oversee it all. Stock Level Features notify your engineers when certain resources are low, whilst the Equipment Register instantly lets them know the condition and availability of the tools they need. It also allows your field workers to reserve items in advance, so that your business operates even smoother when comes to handling important equipment. 

Strengthen your Engineering Business for both the short and long-term

Overall, our field service management software is a vital asset for improving the productivity of your engineers at a cost-effective price. You can Discover ServiceSight Pro for Yourself Here, or feel free to Contact Us or even Book A Demo for more information.

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