How ServiceSight helps property management companies

In the challenging world of Property & Facility Management, efficient and high-quality service is essential. Indeed, your tenants expect nothing less, so property management companies can often feel under pressure to deliver more without raising prices or costs. 

This is where Protean’s ServiceSight and ServiceSIght Pro field service management software comes in. It can help your property management business to deliver more effective service, increasing productivity as well as potential revenue streams, and here’s how:   

What can ServiceSight do for property management companies? 

Protean’s field service management software solutions offer an extensive range of Features & Benefits. Specific to the facilities and property industry, however, we can provide your business with the following:

  • An intuitive Planner Board System, letting you plan jobs and dispatch workers to different locations faster and more effectively.
  • Automation when it comes to certain admin tasks, it significantly speeds up contract processing, payment and cost calculation, as well as many other repetitive, time-consuming tasks.
  • A simple method of scheduling field jobs such as property maintenance or cleaning.
  • An Inventory Management System to keep track of any equipment or stock you need, so it’s easier to respond to tenant requests. 
  • Instant access to business and facility reports, documents, quotas, and a variety of analysis tools on the ServiceSight dashboard.
  • The ServiceSight Mobile App, so that you can respond to property jobs, tenants, or field workers anytime, anywhere.

How does all this benefit our company?

With our range of powerful software tools at your disposal, and the ability to automate certain jobs, the benefit to your property management company could be almost limitless. Some potential advantages that should notice include:

  • Greater Productivity: The length of planning and admin tasks are reduced, giving you have more time to focus on providing excellent service for your tenants.
  • Improved Communication: Management can update field operatives (and vice versa) through an easy-to-use system, meaning job delays can be significantly minimised.
  • Better Customer Relations: Fewer delays, as well as faster payment processing and job calculations, are likely to make your tenants feel more valued and more confident in the services you provide.
  • A Competitive Edge: If you can perform tasks for your tenants more efficiently, you can stand out amongst your rivals who might not have thought of implementing software solutions.
  • Long-Term Growth: Increasing productivity and reducing downtime with ServiceSight can allow you to increase capacity without significant expansion. In turn, this can increase your revenue stream as well as profit margins, giving your property or facility management company improved future growth prospects!

Overall, Protean Software has a range of solutions that can truly benefit a property management business of any size. You can even see for yourself what we offer by can requesting a Demo Here or by Contacting Us for more information!

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