Billing features of ServiceSight and ServiceSight Pro

Both ServiceSight and ServiceSight Pro are cloud-based services that streamline recurring business operations and provide on the go access for both businesses and customers. Invoices are generated quicker and are paid directly on engineers’ mobile devices.

Advantages of online invoicing software

Regardless of being a freelancer, being in Ecommerce; small or big businesses; companies must thrive in this competitive marketplace. Appealing and retaining customers is vital to your success, therefore utilising FSM software is key when it comes to scaling businesses and billing models.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using ServiceSight and ServiceSight Pro for invoicing.

  • Faster payment: Invoices & payments are instant and are logged through the system as well as being accessible via the app
  • Paper free: Going paper-free is environmentally friendly with the bonus that the history of payment and certifications can all be viewed in one place
  • Cloud-based software: Provides business information in real-time: no concerns on losing client data and business information. By logging into the account, everything is all there and billing clients can be done instantly
  • Automation – Ability to set up monthly payments for long term clients. Automating tasks such as setting up reminders, subscriptions save time and costs.
  • Limited errors: Online invoicing allows for no room for mistakes as the invoicing is calculated for you. Even if there are mistakes, it’s easy and quick to fix. 
  • Flexibility: Along with many other advantages, having cloud-based software allows users to select their required language and currency.

Benefits of Fast Billing in FSM Software

In the current market, technology is constantly evolving to meet business and consumer needs as well as remain competitive. Payment providers will need to upgrade their systems for more efficient and newer payment infrastructure. Each participant involved in generating and receiving payments will acquire exclusive costs and benefits


Consumers are able to benefit from unserved current payment solutions. So, a person to person payment does not require an online account to be set up where both payer and recipient receive payment through this method. Underfunded and unbanked customers benefit from faster, safer payments with faster access to deposit with notifications for easier capital management

Business consumers

Faster payments are beneficial for big and small businesses to avoid temporary high-priced financing. This will provide greater certainty as payments land and process much quickly. This will lead to developmental practices or services allowing distinction amongst competitors. 

Improving the process

Paper-based invoicing is monotonous, inefficient and time-consuming. It is an essential part of business, therefore it’s important to have an effective system in place. Here are ways where the process can be enhanced:

  • Agree on set terms such as fees, project timelines, billing by the hour or by project etc.
  • Adjust billing times: decide whether invoicing should be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Payment times: agreed terms on invoices increases chances of being paid on time, as well as adding company logo, invoice due date.
  • Integrate invoices with most common gateways
  • Integrate with project management software to ensure every invoice is billed on time

Grant your customers a smooth recurring billing experience with Protean’s ServiceSIght and ServiceSight Pro software! Get in touch with us for a quote or contact us to book a demo.

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