Need help managing your workflows and catering engineer workforce?

“The team behind Protean had clearly listened to and worked closely with its customers. We felt that the software had been built with a common sense approach. We liked it because it provided us with definite lines to work with.”

Joe Tighe, Supermac’s Service Manager

Why Protean Software makes sense for your catering business

With Protean Software you can:

  • Solve the administrative problems your field engineer workforce face when maintaining and servicing clients.
  • Connect business processes and workflows seamlessly

Modules include job management, order processing, mobile engineers, service agreements, hiring, equipment register, parts control, reporting and marketing.

  • Enjoy better-centralised control
  • Streamline operations and drive efficiencies
  • Manage communications between the back office and the field. Also, schedule and track activities
  • Deliver high-quality customer service.

Learn more about how Protean’s workflow management software can be beneficial to your catering organization by requesting a FREE Demo or you can contact us here.