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Manage your work, engineers, customers, time and administration effectively with Protean’s HVAC Software for Service Management. Speed up cash flow, increase productivity, go paperless. See your engineers locations, monitor the status of jobs, send quotes and invoices easily and visualise the results from customisable dashboards.

If you’re a heating, ventilation, or air conditioning business, we can help you.

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Why ServiceSight HVAC Edition makes sense for your business

ServiceSight is the perfect choice for your HVACR business helping you manage everything all in one place. Track gas usage, cylinders and effortlessly produce F-gas logs for customers. Reduce time and cost, eliminate paperwork, enhance productivity and your revenue streams.

With our HVAC Service Management Software you can:

HVAC engineer conducting tests
  • Plan your work effectively
  • Solve the administrative problems your field engineer workforce face when maintaining and servicing clients
  • Connect business processes and workflows seamlessly
  • Grow your revenue and enhance productivity
  • Streamline your operations with our reporting dashboards
  • With our HVAC software for Field Service Management, your engineers also can receive maintenance, service repair or installation jobs in real-time
  • Visualise your data on customisable dashboards and create reports
  • And much more…

Manage Refrigerant Types

  • Add the refrigerant types you need
  • Unique cylinder identification design system
  • Record GWP and ODP values
  • Set up supplier pricing options including cylinder sizes
  • Configure accounts link options
  • See refrigerant quantity and value in stock at any time.

Gas Cylinder Management

  • Create, import, or buy in cylinders
  • Cylinder numbering system to provide per-instance tracking
  • Current weight and value are updated automatically
  • Minimise rental charges with return date tracking
  • Complete cylinder movement history
  • View f-gas per cylinder
  • Unlimited cylinder stocking locations including vans and consignment stores
  • Full returns management from office or mobile.

Full Job System Integration

  • Easily add refrigerant gas to job quotes
  • Complete visibility of gas usage per asset per site
  • Choose to charge for additions, removals, or leak tests
  • Costs recorded automatically for more accurate reporting
  • The refrigerant used appears on job invoices automatically
  • Ability to add manual log entries in the office if needed

F-gas Logs

  • Search and filter a master log to find any F-gas entry
  • Drilldown available into each F-gas movement
  • Correction tracking to maintain compliance
  • Link off to see Cylinder, System, Asset or Job information
  • F-gas log available at Asset, System, Site, Customer and Managing Agent level
  • Allow customers to view online in real-time
  • Generate pdf logs with one click

System Management & Tracking

  • Group assets into systems per site for easy tracking
  • Record GWP and CO2 equivalency per system
  • View complete F-gas logs for any system
  • Search and filter F-gas log as required
  • Auto leak detection system flag available

Waste Transfer Notes

  • Auto-generated when returning reclaimed or waste gas
  • View WTN on mobile for reclaimed gas still on the van
  • Compliant with Environment Agency requirements
  • Every journey of reclaimed or waste gas logged
  • Search for and view any WTN easily

F-gas on the Mobile Engineer App

  • Scan bar codes to identify cylinders
  • Auto waste note generation on gas removal
  • Auto leak test generation on gas addition
  • Full cylinder history available
  • Full F-gas log per asset available
  • Return cylinder from mobile or transfer back to the office in one click
  • Complete waste cylinder tracking compliance
  • WTN is generated automatically if gas is reclaimed from a site

Customer Portal

  • Full F-gas reporting available online in real-time
  • Allow customers to search, filter, and download logs
  • View logs at Asset, System, Site, Customer, or Managing Agent level
  • System F-gas details are available online

Other Modules included 

As well as handling your F-gas compliance ServiceSight also incorporates the following modules: CRM, job management, order processing, mobile engineers app, service agreements, recurring jobs, equipment register, parts control and dashboard reporting. 

  • Enjoy better-centralised control
  • Streamline operations and drive efficiencies
  • Manage communications between the back office and the field. Also, schedule and track activities
  • Deliver high-quality customer service