ServiceSight Vs ServiceSight Pro for SMEs

Protean’s award-winning Field Service Management (FSM) software systems aim to cover every business’ specific needs. That’s why we offer two versions of our flagship FSM option for SMEs, ServiceSight and ServiceSight Pro

So, if you’re considering a software solution for your small or medium-sized enterprise but don’t know where to start, here’s our guide on the differences between our ServiceSight range!

What does Protean Software do?

First of all, any Protean Software solution guarantees companies certain FSM tools that can help them to boost efficiency and productivity. This means that both ServiceSight options include the following basic Features & Benefits:

  • Data storage for customer histories and sales prospect databases
  • Job Planning Tools to allocate tasks to your team via an intuitive drag and drop planner board
  • A ServiceSight Mobile App that can be used offline by field workers

What is ServiceSIght?

ServiceSight aims to revolutionise the effectiveness of FSM solutions for small businesses. With the basic version of this SME software system you can:

  • Create quotes and collect payments from anywhere
  • Schedule, dispatch, and track your field teams
  • Receive and share status updates on jobs to improve internal communication
  • Go paper-free (ServiceSIght data is Cloud-hosted so there are no IT costs or storage issues)
  • Link your FSM software with Quickbooks

How much does ServiceSight Pro add?

Whilst ServiceSight will provide improved services for field management, our Pro software is perfect for SMEs that are looking to grow their business. ServiceSight Pro offers a more comprehensive management solution, which includes all of the above tools as well as additional features such as:

Pricing & Numbers

Another significant area where ServiceSight and ServiceSight Pro differ is with their pricing and user numbers. Our basic ServiceSIght software is completely free to use but only for up to 5 users, which makes it ideal for small field teams and businesses that are just getting started. Meanwhile, ServiceSight Pro is £50 per user per month with an unlimited number of accounts per company.  

Recap: Free vs Pro

The above highlights all of the main differences between our FSM products for SMEs. So, which one should your business go for?

Well, our advice is that if you’re a small company that’s looking for cost-effective field service management tools, then ServiceSight’s free solution is the best one to start with. Over time, or for organisations that are medium-sized or rapidly expanding, we’d recommend ServiceSIght Pro. This is because it’s a far more powerful tool that goes beyond FSM, offering a complete business process solution to improve efficiency.
If you’d like more information, our expanded list of differences is available on Protean’s Pricing Page Here. Alternatively, to see what our FSM software can do for your SME, Book a Demo with us today!

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