What ServiceSight Pro Does For Your Business

Field Service Management Software can greatly improve your business efficiency and, with Protean’s ServiceSight Pro, you get a range of extra tools to help increase your productivity. So, here’s everything that our most comprehensive software solution can do for your business.

What does ServiceSight do?

Protean Software offers two forms of ServiceSight – the basic version and the Pro product – and both of these perform a selection of common actions. As you can see below, all ServiceSight Products can:

  • Create quotes and collect payments anytime, anywhere (it also links with a Quickbooks accounts)
  • Provide data storage for customer histories and sales prospects
  • Utilise Job Planning Tools to schedule and allocate tasks to field workers
  • Track the progress of ongoing jobs
  • Increase team communication through the ServiceSight Mobile App
  • Reduce company paper use (ServiceSight uses cloud data storage so IT costs are eliminated as well)

What is ServiceSight Pro?

Whilst all of our products have a wide variety of Features and Benefits, there are Significant Differences Between ServiceSight and ServiceSight Pro. The latter software solution performs all of the above services whilst also offering:

How does it benefit your business?

With ServiceSight Pro, you get the most extensive software solution that Protean can provide. So, with all of the above features included with this option, there are numerous things that this tool can do for your business including:

  • Speeding up job planning and work allocation
  • Reducing admin delays through task automation
  • Instant updates on ongoing jobs and resolve on-site issues faster
  • Identifying areas of improvement with Field Service Management KPIs
  • Saving money as paperwork costs and time-consuming processes are reduced
  • The potential to increase overall efficiency, boost productivity, and increase profit margins and growth possibilities long-term 

You can Find More Information on ServiceSight Pro Here. Alternatively, see Protean Software in action now by Booking A Demonstration Here!

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