Using Service Management Software to Maximise your Efficiency

Even those working within a field service business can be stumped by what aService Management Software should do for your business. Finding the right software for your business in which you can view everything from daily scheduling, to planned routes, to what parts are needed for the next job and more all in one place can be extremely tough.

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Protean Service Management Software can do all of the above whilst helping you to increase your team’s productivity by being able to monitor them all from one platform. You can identify and manage issues as they happen, reduce delays and drive time and improve your maintenance engineer’s satisfaction by relieving them from the burden of repetitive admin paperwork.

  • Increase the number of jobs done by reducing downtime and increasing accuracy
  • Reduce repetitive paperwork which improves engineer satisfaction and allows office staff to spend time growing the business as well as saving money on paper, print and postage

Becoming more efficient, organised and transparent

Access project information anytime to see progress, update information or make amends, online or offline with ease. View availability and condition of all parts and equipment out for hire and in stock and schedule parts servicing for after use depending on their condition

Using our planner map, you can allocate or re-allocate jobs to your maintenance engineers based on location and most suitable route in real-time with the help of powerful Google Mapping. Updates can be received on screen, eliminating paperwork and delays and job sheet data can also be viewed in real-time.

Manage service agreements easier than ever with Protean Service Management Software. Create your own contracts, define tasks and update checklists for engineers to see and calculate service agreement expenditure.

For more information on how our Service Management Software can improve your efficiency, you can request a FREE Demo here or contact us.

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