What are the differences between a CMMS system and a CAFM system?

Before making a software system purchase for your business, it is vitally important you know which system is going to be best for you, they have different functionalities and capabilities so once making this decision, you need to make sure it is suitable for everyone who will be using it, from your field service engineers to your administrative staff.

First, we must understand the difference between the software systems you’re choosing from, in this case, a CMMS system and CAFM system.

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What is a CMMS system?

A Computerized Maintenance Management System, also known as CMMS is a software package that maintains a database of a business’s maintenance tasks. CMMS software is built to help field service workers/engineers do their jobs more efficiently, also allowing management to have more visibility.

What is a CAFM system?

A Computer-aided facility management system, also known as CAFM is a software package that supports facility management, the main purpose being to supply information about the facilities on the system, as well as tracking and managing how the facilities are used.

What are they used for?

CMMS allows you to schedule employee tasks and automate maintenance tasks one planner board, but also has the ability to schedule recurring work and see when engineers finish tasks or how much progress has been made on the task, with this information you can schedule tasks better, exchange tasks among engineers to maximise efficiency. The addition of a CMMS system to your business enables you to run your business more efficiently and can help you become more customer-focused – identifying new selling opportunities and maintaining or improving prospect and customer relationships.

CAFM help facility managers identify trends and patterns in order to make decisions about their business locations. Using CAFM systems you can schedule repairs and monitor work orders and ultimate is used for facility managers benefit, enabling them to allocate money, plan and schedule maintenance work or repair work via a database within the system as well and most importantly calculate facility value.

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