What is Field Service Management?

One of the most complicated tasks for many businesses is managing their team of field workers efficiently. The issues that disrupt this process are all fairly common ones – communication trouble, incorrect information, and unforeseen delays – and they largely stem from inevitable human error. Thus, as mobile devices have developed rapidly, the most effective method of solving these issues has emerged as being Field Service Management software.

Field Service Management: A Brief Definition

Field Service Management tools, also known as FSM technology, is a type of software system that automates the mobile operations of your service workers. This technology has Evolved Massively over the Years to include a variety of features. At their core, however, they have always tracked the progress of your live jobs and displayed this clearly on a desktop or mobile device. The software also streamlines the invoicing and payment process for your services, and stores all your business data on one easy-to-use platform.

Who needs the software?

Regardless of the size of the company or its mobile workforce, any business that offers a field service can benefit from this technology. Typically, field services include: 

  • Repair Work that requires a service technician.
  • Maintenance operators carrying out either preventive, predictive, or corrective tasks.
  • Installation for household furnishing.
  • Business Consultation companies also require mobile workers much of the time, despite having no hands-on work.

You can find out more about What Makes a Field Service Business Here.

Is this tool essential if you offer Field Services?

In short, Field Service Management software can significantly improve the efficiency of your business which, in any competitive industry, is absolutely essential. Indeed, the main benefits are as follows: 

  • Reduced Costs as paperwork, postage, and printing is reduced dramatically.
  • With better route calculation and fewer time wastages going from job-to-job, there’s potential for Increases in Fuel Savings.
  • Automating features such as invoicing can Improve Customer Satisfaction as it makes it easier for you to meet deadlines.
  • Better efficiency can lead to better productivity, which means more tasks and Greater Service Revenue

Overall, this tool can boost profit margins for many field service companies through the above benefits. Moreover, with some statistics showing 75% of businesses with 50 or more mobile workforces will be using FSM technology by the end of the year, upgrading to this software might be vital. 

Thus, you can check out Protean’s ServiceSight Tool to see how it can help improve your business, and even Book a Demo Here. If instead, you’d like to ask us anything about Field Service Management, feel free to Contact Us.

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