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When You Implement An Engineering Project Management System, Things Get Easier…

Engineering project management can be made easier with the help of a transparent engineering project management system that will enable you to maximise your engineers’ efficiency. You will be able to create prioritised day-to-day work schedules for your engineers, track the progress of the jobs they’re doing, and re-allocate jobs where you see fit.

Protean FSM Reporting Dashboards

As well as maximising the efficiency of your engineers, Protean’s engineering project management system will also assist you in reducing the cost, time, and difficulties associated with administration. Effortlessly create your own contracts, raise invoices and calculate expenditure including labour costs, mileage, travel time, parts, and equipment, all from one place. If you are looking to become more customer-focused, workforce management software can help with identifying new selling opportunities and maintaining or improving prospects and customer relationships.

Become more transparent and efficient

By using the planner map within the engineering project management system, you can allocate or re-allocate jobs to your maintenance engineers based on location and most suitable route in real-time with the help of powerful Google Mapping. Job sheet data and job sheet updates can also be viewed in real-time.

Managing your service agreements is easier than ever with our engineering project management system. Create your own contracts, define tasks and update checklists for engineers to see and calculate service agreement expenditure. In addition, you can access project information anytime to see progress, update information or make amends, online or offline, with ease. View the availability and condition of all parts and equipment out for hire and in stock, and schedule parts servicing for after use, depending on their condition.

For more information on how our engineering project management system can improve your efficiency, you can request a FREE Demo here or contact us.