Why use a Job Tracking Software?

By using Job Tracking Software you will improve your engineers efficiency within a very short time frame. How? Job Tracking Software allows you to track and manage your engineers day to day work tasks, create work schedules and allocate jobs based on priority.

As well as being able to track the progress of jobs and schedule unlimited engineer visits via Job Tracking Software, you can also automate the calculation of the job charges which can then be turned into an invoice to be sent to the customer depending on the customer agreement and job type.

Protean Dashboard

Have more visibility from the easy-to-use planner board

Job Tracking Software makes assigning, managing and tracking engineers tasks easier than ever. Our simply designed planner board layout takes away the stress of having to manage your engineer’s jobs because of the newfound visibility that Job Tracking Software gives you. You can also choose between 3 different drag and drop designs for a more personalised feel. Track progress of jobs, be notified when they have been completed and schedule engineer visits which your engineers will be notified about in good time.

Managing your ever-changing inventory with Job Tracking Software

Track your parts and supplies easily by using Job Tracking Software, you are given an overview of your updated inventory showing what is in use and what is due for servicing. Control parts and supplies related costs, schedule services due automatically and automate the requisition of parts needed for service jobs.

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