Expand your CCTV Firm with Field Service Management (FSM) Software

Over the past few years, more and more CCTV companies have implemented a Field Service Management Software System of some kind. Indeed, this is for good reason, as we discussed last year our What is Field Service Management article. It essentially means that, regardless of your Business Sector, this tool is fast becoming a necessity for any company with a mobile workforce. 

What are the benefits of FSM Software? 

Not only do services often improve due to the obvious benefits of FSM software (such as job tracking and order, inventory, and staff management), the capacity for growth can be increased as well. So, if you’re a CCTV company, here’s how this tool can help your business to expand: 

Save time, boost revenue, and potentially lower costs

By automating repetitive, time-consuming admin tasks, field service management software frees up more capacity for your camera technicians and management teams. Thus, by saving your CCTV company time and energy, you can potentially increase your productivity and your revenue as a result of this software. Our Equipment Register and other stock inventory tracking systems can also help to lower your costs, by making resource management and supply purchases more efficient.

Become more responsive

With the ability to plan, schedule, and update camera installation or maintenance jobs within the intuitive FSM system, it’s often easier to organise your CCTV company. Not only that, Protean’s Mobile App enables instant updates and communication between your field workers and management. In all, this can lead your business to become more responsive to changes in tasks, improving productivity and growth prospects.

Improve customer relations (and business opportunity!) 

Features of FSM software such as faster job planning, automated admin, and improved sales processing all help to boost the positive perception of your CCTV company. This is great for any business, but for one within a Security-Related Industry, it could be transformative. 

Our software provides greater oversight for managers so that they can run their business without delays, or errors in their services. In turn, this can make your CCTV products more appealing to customers, as well as improve your relationship with current clients. In the long run, this can even lead to more business opportunities, as your CCTV supply, installation, and maintenance work will most likely be viewed as ahead of the competition!

Grow your CCTV company with Protean’s FSM Software

When it comes to field service management tools for CCTV businesses, Protean Software should be considered a high-quality, cost-effective solution. For more information, feel free to check out Our Features and Benefits Here, or see what FSM software can do for yourself by Booking A Demo Now.

Alternatively, feel free to ask us a question about our products by Contacting Us Here.

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