ServiceSight software, invoice interface

Sales invoices can be raised at any time with the push of a button. Users can choose between different levels of detail available per job type or per job. All sales tax calculations are taken care of and values are shown on the invoice for the customer. Invoices can be previewed beforehand to prevent mistakes. If you are linked to Quickbooks the invoices will appear in your accounts system at the same time ready for payment.

  • Various levels of invoice detail available
  • Invoices raised with a single click
  • Preview facility available
  • Supports multi-currency invoicing
  • All sales tax jurisdictions supported
  • Sales tax calculated automatically with no set up required
  • Seamless integration to Quickbooks if needed


Key Benefits

No more manual typing up of invoices

  • Sales invoices are raised from the jobs using data gathered by the technician in the field
  • Invoices are generated to preset layouts once the detail level has been selected
  • Invoices can be emailed or viewed online

Reduce invoicing mistakes & improve payment times

  • All sales invoices can be previewed first, preventing costly mistakes
  • Data is entered in the field and signed by the customer prior to invoices being raised
  • Invoices can be emailed directly to the customer, viewed & paid online or even raised & paid via the mobile technician app to reduce service to cash cycles

Avoid sales tax issues

  • Sales tax is calculated automatically at point of invoice

No releying of invoices into Quickbooks

  • Link to Quickbooks and your sales invoices will appear on your customer accounts in real time.
  • Your customers can pay invoice directly in Quickbooks via our web portal