ServiceSight reminders interface

Improve internal communication and control with the built in task reminder and messaging systems. Create reminders for customer or other work. Notifications appear to remind you. Internal messaging allows you to have conversations with any other ServiceSight user, including your field technicians.

  • Create reminders for anything you want to remember or do later
  • Link to customer records available
  • Add your own notes to reminders
  • Set notification reminder data & time
  • See a list of outstanding reminders
  • Receive, read, forward, reply & archive messages from other ServiceSight users
  • Share attached images & documents easily
  • Search your conversations

Key Benefits

Never forget an important task again

  • Create unlimited tasks with due date & times. Set up notifications to remind you.
  • See your reminder list and apply filters for items due today, this week & next week
  • Notifications can be snoozed if needed
  • Follow up tasks can be created with one click

Get notifications of impending planned service work

  • Reminders can be used to set up notifications of upcoming planned maintenance work
  • Can be snoozed for service interval and notify again next time with no further set up needed

Manage your to do list

  • See your reminder list and apply filters for items due today, this week & next week
  • View historic or overdue task easily

Effortlessly communicate with the rest of your team

  • Send messages to any other team member(s).
  • Messages can be sent from customer & job screens to provide link back to original source on arrival
  • Attach external files to messages to pass important data to other users
  • See your conversations in an easy to read format and even search your inbox and outbox for specific text