Connect field teams to the back office

Schedule, dispatch and track your teams and their activities easily and effectively. As a result, speed up your response. Reduce drive time and fuel consumption. Get more jobs done…every day.

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  • See current workloads easily and where the availability is
  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Track mobile technician locations
  • Map customer locations
  • Map job site locations

Key Benefits

Get 360⁰ visibility of all jobs

  • Easily access all relevant information about jobs from the planner
  • View any day, week or month, in the past, present or future
  • Color-coded job types to aid recognition
  • Map location of unallocated and planned jobs
ServiceSight jobs on screen
Allocating resources

Dispatch jobs simply

  • Easily allocate resources
  • Choose between using the planner board or planner map when allocating work
  • Connect technicians to the back office with real-time allocation, updating and completion of field service jobs

Maximize mobile technicians’ efficiency

  • Guide mobile technicians to their work locations with Google Maps™
  • Track mobile technicians with GPS technology. Pinpoint their locations on a map and overlay map with jobs
  • Reduce drive times. Plan the most efficient route for technicians to move around during their working day.
  • Reduce fuel consumption
technician with mobile

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