The Benefits Of Workflow Management Software

Firstly… what is workflow management software?

Workflow management software helps to optimise a business’s maintenance tasks and is built to help maintenance workers/engineers do their jobs more effectively and to help management make informed decisions. See below for the main ways in which workflow management software will benefit you and your business.

Pre-plan and schedule maintenance tasks

Workflow management software gives you the ability to automate the scheduling of maintenance jobs, saving time for whoever is assigning the tasks. Send reminders in advance to the engineers letting them know when jobs are coming up and also schedule recurring work without having to set each job individually – ultimately improving efficiency.

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Reduce downtime with intelligent early warning systems

Downtime can be costly, both in terms of revenue loss and damage to a business’ reputation. By installing workflow management software, such as Protean Software, you can keep on top of important information such as customers on credit hold or over credit limits, maintenance schedules, equipment under warranty or with a high number of recent jobs, and customers flagged as ‘order number required’, preventing both the allocation of engineers or the raising of invoices until an order is received.

Learn more about how Protean’s workflow management software can be beneficial to your organization by requesting a FREE Demo or you can contact us here.

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