How Field Service Management (FSM) Software helps Building Maintenance Companies

One of the main considerations for any business is how to effectively manage service operations. For building maintenance companies, which often operate with numerous field workers that have to constantly provide high-quality services across several residential and commercial properties, achieving this is vital. 

Enter Protean’s Field Service Management Software. This resource can significantly help these businesses. Indeed, no matter the size or structure, FSM tools can usually help transform a firm’s productivity and efficiency, and here’s how:

What do Building Maintenance Companies need to offer great service? 


Preventative maintenance checks and upkeep work is a constant task for building management businesses. Some of this work is easy to plan for and schedule, but a lot of it isn’t. Therefore, a responsive and efficient workforce is a necessity for great service provision when it comes to working on properties.


Not only does your work have to be responded to quickly, but it also has to be finished to a high-quality as well. For this to be achieved communication, both between those reporting the problem and management, has to be fast and practical. This is key to ensuring building maintenance jobs are resolved properly and promptly.


Perhaps above all else, effective management is required when providing excellent service. Being able to oversee field workers and plan tasks smoothly not only reassures tenants but also reflects the standard of your building maintenance company. 

So, how will Field Service Management Software help with this? 

FSM software can help to strengthen the already great service provided by your building maintenance company. Features such as the ability to schedule, plan and assign work on an intuitive job board let you respond to tasks quicker. Meanwhile, Protean’s Mobile App enables you to communicate faster with field workers and lets staff update jobs whenever necessary.

When it comes to management, FSM software automates many time-consuming tasks such as cost and route calculations, stock level checks and business reporting. It also provides total visibility and secure control, with prospects, quotes, equipment, and much more all easily accessible and located in one place. 

Essentially, it means that the management of any building maintenance company can instead focus on what matters, their properties, services, and customers.
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