Track Your Workforce’s Equipment Effectively

With Protean’s equipment register you can store unlimited information about equipment makes and models. Add easily new pieces of equipment to the database. Maintain full control over your workforces’ equipment throughout its life cycle, search and retrieve the information you need from the equipment register.

  • Gain full control over equipment throughout its life cycle.
  • Easily search and retrieve the equipment information you need from a simple, unified repository.
  • Reduce time spent wading manually through spreadsheets.

Equipment Tracking Benefits

Easily access equipment information, including:

  • Service levels.
  • Parts used.
  • Equipment specification.
Access equipment information with the equipment register
Keep track of equipment with equipment register

Keep track of equipment you have supplied, including:

  • Warranties.
  • Service plans and related contracts.

Gain direct access to equipment records detailing:

  • Job history.
  • Parts used history.
  • Warranty details.
  • Maintenance or hire contract.
  • Financial summary.

Our Field Service Software Page has more detail on this.

Access to equipment records through the equipment register
Transport management with the equipment register

Be in control of transport management
Get a 360° overview of all inbound and outbound transport.

  • Get fast access to essential management information.
  • Have the equipment finance and insurance information you need for profit analysis.

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