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Field Service Management Software

Easily Manage Field Activites

Improve the efficiency of your field business and reduce operating costs with our Field Service Management Software.

Tracking In Real Time

Use our Field Service Management Software to assign, manage and track engineers through our simply designed planner board layout.

Prioritise Work Schedules

Track, priorities and schedule your engineers day-to-day jobs to maximise efficiency. Auto-allocate jobs by sites to routes and routes to engineers.

If you run a field service business then you’ll know that one of the most complicated tasks is managing your team of field workers effectively and efficiently. The issues that disrupt this process are all fairly common ones – for example, communication trouble, incorrect information, and unforeseen delays, all of which largely stem from inevitable human error. Thus, as mobile devices have developed rapidly, the most effective method of solving these issues has emerged as being Field Service Management software.

What is Field Service Management Software

Field Service Management, also known as FSM technology, is a software system that automates the mobile operations of your service engineers. It has evolved massively over the years and now includes many features to assist you in as many ways possible. Whilst the core function remains with managing your field workers, Field Service Management Software also helps with streamlining the invoice and payment process., providing one easy-to-use platform.

Field Service Management Software Benefits

Protean’s Field Service software allows you to maximise efficiency as you can priorities, track and schedule your engineer’s workload on a day-to-day basis. It also has a built-in CRM and marketing software so you can easily market and sell your product/service from the extensive customer database.

  • Monitor engineers and field service workers activities
  • Create efficient work schedules
  • Find, track and manage all of your equipment and assets
  • Create an automated lead generating campaigns
  • Manage service agreements easier

Who Needs It?

Any business that offers a field service can benefit hugely from this type of software. Typically, field services include: 

  • Repair Work that requires a service technician such as gas engineers or telecommunication technicians.
  • Maintenance operators carrying out either preventive, predictive, or corrective tasks.
  • Installation for household furnishing.
  • Business Consultation companies also require mobile workers much of the time, despite having no hands-on work.
  • Mobile nurses who provided care for elderly and vulnerable patients.

You can find out more about What Makes a Field Service Business Here.

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