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CMMS Software

CMMS stands for Computerised Maintenance Management System. Protean’s CMMS software solutions allows your business to simplify and improve the way it manages its maintenance team, tasks, equipment, compliance, inventory and workflow.

It allows:

  • Better visibility and accountability
  • Easy task scheduling and employee task management
  • Increased and effective communication with your customers

CMMS Software key benefits

Scheduling tasks for your engineers couldn’t be easier

Take advantage of Protean’s easy-to-use CMMS system, enabling you to schedule and monitor your mobile work teams’ tasks from start to finish, all from a simple planner board. Scheduling recurring work saves time for whoever is assigning the tasks and this feature sends reminders in advance to the engineers, letting them know when the recurring work is coming up. Ultimately our CMMS solutions improve efficiency and organisation throughout your workforce.

Develop a powerful database of prospective customers

Protean’s full customer, prospect and enquiry CMMS system is able to assist you in improving the way you communicate with your prospects and customers, enabling your business to better market and sell your products and/or services.

Use key information stored for follow-ups such as:

  • The types of equipment the customer uses
  • When equipment is next due for replacement
  • Who their current equipment provider is
  • Contract renewal dates

Automated lead generation and campaign nurturing

Create automated lead generation and campaign nurturing, helping you to build and maintain customer relationships:

  • Create automatic mailshots/e-mail campaigns based on your chosen criteria
  • Send e-mails from your database through Outlook
  • Import databases of prospective customers
  • Schedule automatic follow-ups

Full control of your sales pipeline

Control and monitor your sales pipeline as you move prospects through the buying cycle with Protean’s CMMS system –convert prospects to customer accounts, and convert quotes to sales, jobs or hire contracts.

  • Access all of the information you need to monitor, forecast and plan your sales campaigns
  • Organise your contact strategy and ensure every lead is followed up

Improved visibility and accountability

By using our CMMS system, you can easily see when engineers finish tasks or how much progress they have made on a job. This information allows you to schedule tasks better, exchange tasks among engineers to maximise efficiency, make sure work is getting done in times of delay and ensure work is evenly distributed.

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