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Job Tracking Software

Manage your engineers’ day-to-day field work with Protean Job Tracking Software. Fully analyse job costs and create profit reports on finished contracts. Easily create work schedules for your engineers or office employees and prioritise tasks to maximise efficiency using our Job Management Tools.

Protean's full job system integration

Job Tracking Key Benefits

Protean Job Tracking Software makes assigning, managing and tracking engineers’ tasks easier than ever. Our planner board layout makes it easy to manage your engineers’ jobs because of the newfound visibility that our Job Tracker gives you. Choose from 3 different drag and drop designs for a more personalised feel then begin tracking the progress of jobs. You have the option to be notified when they have been completed and schedule engineer visits which your engineers will be notified about in good time.

Our Intuitive Planner Board layout makes it effortless to track your field services because of the newfound visibility that our software gives you. Choose from 3 different drag and drop designs for a more personalised feel, then begin tracking the progress of jobs. 

You can also get notified when tasks are completed and create work schedules for your employees. Your engineers, field workers, or other staff members will then be notified about this update in good time.

Assign, manage & track jobs from Protean Software’s easy-to-use planner board

  • Track progress of field services and equipment maintenance tasks
  • Schedule unlimited engineer visits, reoccurring office tasks and prioritise jobs.
  • Our unique Planner Board is very easy to use – choose between 3 simple drag and drop layouts.

Save time and track your parts easier than ever

With Inventory Management Features, you can reduce work delays by:

  • Knowing when jobs are waiting for parts
  • Scheduling services automatically
  • Automate repetitive tasks such as the requisition of parts needed for service jobs

Protean Job Tracker allows you to easily plan the resources or equipment needed for jobs

  • Provide your engineers with the information needed about the equipment on-site
  • Schedule unlimited servicing requests for your equipment
  • Create your own checklists and inspections for your engineers and office employees

Manage job costs easily and efficiently

  • Automate admin work including the calculation of job charges, based on job type and customer agreement.
  • Permission-based user roles can be set up and given to senior managers, meaning they have essential authorisation to override costs.
  • The visibility offered by Job Tracking Software gives you the opportunity to improve cost-efficiency and employee productivity. In turn, this can save time on fieldwork and increase your potential revenue levels!

Protean’s Job Management Tools are essential resources, utilised by many businesses. You can find out more about FSM Features and Benefits Here or discover our Protean’s Field Service Management Software Here. Alternatively, Book a Free Demo Here and see for yourself how Job Tracking Software can improve the efficiency of your team today!

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