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Maintenance Service Engineer Software

  • Improve the efficiency of your engineers
  • Instantly create certificates, records, quotes and invoices
  • Effectively manage parts and equipment with reduced risk
Protean tracking software

Maintenance Service Engineer Software Key Benefits

Plan Ahead

With Protean Maintenance Engineer Software, you have full visibility of your engineers to ensure jobs are correctly allocated for maximum efficiency, also equality allocated with the ability to re-allocate jobs between engineers. Easily access job information with information on equipment and parts to allocate and hire accordingly.

Maximize Efficiency

Guide your engineers to their locations in our app using Google Maps creating the fastest and most efficient route to take to the job helping them save time on travel. Reduce fuel consumption and drive time by planning out the most efficient way for your maintenance engineers to get from job to job ahead of time. GPS technology point points the locations on the map of the days jobs allowing you to plan the quickest and most efficient route for the engineers to take.

Track parts with ease

Protean Maintenance Engineer Software tracks your parts via the Equipment Register, never lose out on parts unnecessarily and eliminate all parts related costs you may endure when parts go missing.

  • Identify additional parts needed for extra work being carried out
  • Identify parts by scanning the parts bar code via the app
  • Be alerted via Protean Software when supplies are low or due for servicing

Manage your sales process from beginning to end

Monitor your sales process as you move prospects through the buying cycle – within our Maintenance Engineer Software track how you are converting prospects to customer accounts. Also, convert equipment quotes to sales orders, create service and warranty agreements. forecast demand with the automated parts reordering system and match purchase invoices with receipts and orders.