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What Is Job Management: A Helpful Guide

To achieve effective communication and planning, businesses must embrace job management strategies. Doing so can ensure services run smoothly and that productivity and revenue are maintained. But what is job management and how can changing your approach help new and existing businesses? This guide will answer these questions, as well as look at the recommended solution: Job Management Software.

What is Job Management?

Job management is a business approach centred around organising and tracking work, as well as coordinating which employees perform certain tasks. It concerns every aspect of a job including a team’s location, Workflow, the Equipment that’s used, Customer Information and your Staff’s Schedule. In addition, it can be broken down into three core areas:

  • Systematic – Involves analysing the way tasks are executed (usually with job management software)
  • The Job Cycle – Overseeing each stage of work are looking for areas to improve
  • Business Operations – Looking at the Company as a Whole for ways to streamline operations

Which Sectors use Job Management?

Primarily, companies that operate Field Services tend to prioritise job management strategies. But any business that works between multiple jobs simultaneously can benefit from this approach. This means that it can help Sectors including:

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What are the Stages of Job Management?

Job management has various stages that are common across all the above industries. These can be broken down as follows:

Insight dashboard - invoice and credits analysis

What is Job Management Software?

Given the number of stages involved in efficient operations, job management software aims to streamline the approach into one, easy-to-use solution. It is an online platform that’s designed to provide clear oversight and eliminate the need for paperwork and time-consuming manual processes. This software solution covers all areas of job management to ensure that tasks are completed with fewer delays.

Should I be using Protean Software for my Business?

Protean Software provides comprehensive job management tools as part of our ServiceSight Range. This gives companies a field service management system that covers all stages of their work. It can also be utilised in any sector for small to medium-sized businesses looking to improve their job management. 

Overall, the software offered by Protean can improve productivity, which should result in higher work capacity and potential revenue levels. To find out more, Check Out Our Features & Benefits Here or, to see our software for yourself, Book a Demo Today.