Dashboard and KPI Reporting

Improve the quality and quantity of management information and make informed decisions. Enable better communications, both internal and external.

  • Choose from our range of built-in charts including Technician Utilization and First Time Fix Rate
  • Create your own dashboard layout and content
  • See where you technicians are and what they are doing, on one screen
  • Monitor the progress of your work orders easily
Quotes by ServiceSight software

Invoicing and Payment

Sales invoices can be raised at any time with the push of a button. All sales tax calculations are taken care of automatically. Invoices can be previewed beforehand to prevent mistakes. If you are linked to Quickbooks the invoices will appear in your accounts system at the same time ready for payment. Technicians can collect payments via the mobile app to speed up your service to cash cycle.

  • Invoices raised with a single click
  • All sales tax jurisdictions supported
  • Sales tax calculated automatically with no set up required
  • Seamless integration to Quickbooks
  • Collect payments via the mobile app
  • Allow customer to pay via the web portal feature
ServiceSight settings


Raise quotations from customer requests via the web, from your office or directly on the mobile app. Job quotes allow you to capture labor hours and materials needed as well as work descriptions and terms.

Quotes can be emailed or viewed and accepted by customers online immediately. Once accepted jobs are raised from the quote automatically ready for assigning to a technician.

  • Create quotes with description, notes, labor, materials needed
  • Choose your quote format before emailing to your customer
  • Customer can view & accept quotes on web portal
  • Technicians can raise quotes on mobile app
  • Turn a quote into a job with on click
  • See which quotes have been successful
  • Jobs linked back to quote for visibility
Quotes by ServiceSight software


Create your own checklists, inspections and certificates and compete them on the mobile app whilst on site. Email completed documents to customers immediately. Customers can view completed inspections online via the web portal.

  • Completely user-definable templates
  • Create your own checklists with custom questions & answers
  • Enforce data gathering including notes & readings
  • Add recommendations to inspections
  • Link to jobs to be complete onscreen by field technicians
  • Completed forms emailed to customers easily or viewable online
  • We can create them for you – checklist creation service available at an extra cost
invoices by ServiceSight software

Customer and Contact Database

Take full advantage of ServiceSight’s full customer, contact & prospect management software that can assist you in marketing and selling your services.

  • Search & view complete customer communication & transaction histories
  • Create prospect records for marketing & quoting. Turn them into customers with one click
  • Store unlimited numbers of contacts per customer, prospect or work site
  • Set payment terms, labor rates and more per customer
  • Upload your customer’s logo to personalize their account
ServiceSight invoices screenshot

Tech Mobile App

Available for Android & iOS the mobile app allows you to connect your back office & techs in the field seamlessly. Assigned jobs appeared instantly on the tech’s job list & dashboard. Tech can view history, complete work reports & capture hours on site easily.

  • See work history by site or equipment assets
  • View asset locations, specification & service history
  • Complete Work Reports, Labor Hours & Materials used
  • Complete Checklists & Inspections
  • Create Quotes
  • Invoice jobs & collect payments