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“Protean is very user-friendly and saves us a huge amount of time. We have combined all our separate systems into Protean with great success.”

Andy Drummond

The Airia Compressed Air Case Study

For over 10 years, Airia has sold, maintained & installed Compressed Air Solutions for major manufacturing clients all over the Southern UK Region with a complete focus on customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

“As our business grew, planning and scheduling work became increasingly challenging and at times it was difficult to keep track of when things were due. We looked at various systems but couldn’t find anything that was the right fit.” Says Director Andrew Drummond. “Customers now expect real-time information as standard. Our back-office team were inundated with calls from clients wanting to check the status of an order or service. This led to multiple phone calls to engineers out in the field.”

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Airia Compressed Air Case study
Protean Software the solution for Airia problems

The Solution

“When we discovered Protean; it was as if I had written the software myself. It ticked all the boxes, and the Mobile App technology was unlike anything we’d seen before,” Andy continues. “Protean has empowered the team with real-time information. Our use of the system has been key to winning a number of new contracts. Without the system, we’d need more administrators in the back-office, so from a commercial perspective, the technology is adding real-value for us.”

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Andy concludes, “For me as a Director, I have the confidence that we have a robust system in place to ensure we maintain our reputation for customer excellence.”