Carrylift Group: A Case Study

Established in 1988, Carrylift Group is one of the largest privately owned forklift truck companies in the UK. The company has 13 depots and 250 employees, 100 of which are field service engineers.

The challenge

By the late 90s, Carrylift Group had grown to a point where manual processing of paperwork, combined with the demands of providing customer support before, during and after the sale of forklift trucks, was becoming a big challenge.

When Carrylift Group’s software became too expensive to maintain and modify, it became clear the technology had run its course. Ultimately the software was restricting the business from moving forward.

The solution

Carrylift Group shortlisted four prospective vendors. The Group chose Protean for its ability to manage all areas of Carrylift Group’s business. It also chose Protean for its experience in the sector and the quality of its team.

“We were purchasing an important piece of software for our business. Honesty was important to us,” said Eamonn Smyth. One of Protean’s biggest selling points is its staff.

“As well as being extremely knowledgeable and competent, they did not oversell the product. Their attitude convinced us they would be a good business partner.”