Morris Vermaport Lifts: A Case Study

From its headquarters in Nottingham, its 84 employees service clients from Scarborough down to London. Since its inception in 1979, the company has experienced strong growth. This year alone Morris Vermaport has achieved 30% growth on its year-to-date order values.

The challenge

Fast-moving technology has rewritten the rules of efficiency, productivity and competition in the lift and escalator sector. Today customers expect communication and results much faster than ever before. As a result, slow-to-react companies are in danger of being left behind.

To cement its position as a leader in its field and to meet its long-term growth plans, in the 1990’s Morris Vermaport researched ways to increase its productivity and response times.

The solution

Morris Vermaport purchased Protean Software’s field service management system. It has now been using Protean Software for over 10 years.

Financial Director Phil Marsden said: “The more we learn about Protean Software, the more we learn about how it can improve our business.”

He added: “Protean is our primary piece of software. We run everything on it. It’s a system that captures all of our data, right from the initial opportunity stage, through to the opportunity becoming quoted. We then progress it through to the order being received and create jobs. Opportunities and jobs all link together on a single job number and we are provided with a full audit trail.”

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