Danaher And Walsh (Civil Engineering) Ltd: A Case Study

Danaher and Walsh (Civil Engineering) Ltd is a specialist in framework agreements, highway works including Section 278 agreements, bridgeworks and infrastructure, environmental and public realm works.

The challenge

Danaher and Walsh (Civil Engineering) had grown to a point where communication between its back office and field staff had become a real challenge. According to Group Financial Director Mark Taylor, the company was struggling to cope with the amount of job information that needed to be passed backwards and forwards between the back office and field operatives.

The solution

Initially Danaher and Walsh (Civil Engineering) turned to its financial software provider for advice about acquiring a solution that could integrate with its own package. Further research led the company to Protean Software.

With Protean Software, those involved in service and maintenance industries can:

  • Maximise their potential by unshackling personnel from high levels of paperwork.
  • Release valuable time resources so that they can be better spent on more productive and profitable activities.