Virtual Training Full May Schedule – New Courses

After the successful launch of our Bite-sized virtual classroom training we are pleased to announce more courses and dates into May 2020.
Using our cloud-based servers we will be running a number of bite-size training courses, that you can pick and choose from as required. Each user will have their own login to a Protean training database, to truly get that hands-on experience. All the courses will be delivered by one of our experienced consultants, who will be able to guide the delegates through the course and assist as required. 
Delegates have the option to sign up for as many or as few courses as they wish and companies can register more than one delegate on each session.  These courses will cost £75 (which is a special discounted rate during the lockdown period) per delegate and will last around two and a half hours.

Any company making a booking during April can take advantage of our special 4 for the price of 3 offer (same person or different – any courses currently published for April or May).   
We have limited availability on these courses so book now to avoid disappointment.

*****New Courses & Dates Released*****

Protean Spring Clean – NEW COURSE
09:30 – Monday 18th May – Protean Spring Clean

  • Use these unprecedented and potentially quieter times as an opportunity to review and cleanse your Protean software.
  • Check & Update key records to help improve your database quality.
  • Review & Update areas of the system that have remained unchecked for a while.

Maintenance Contract Operations

09:30 – Tuesday 19th May – Maintenance Part A
•    Setting up Maintenance Contracts (Inc Service Groups).
•    Administering Contracts (Inc adding Equipment, removing Equipment, Invoicing & Terminating Contracts correctly).
•    Update Service Jobs process.

09:30 – Wednesday 20th May – Maintenance Part B
•    Maintenance Contract Types.
•    Job Types (Modify).
•    Service Types. 
•    Service Type Defaults.
•    Maintenance Module Settings.
•    Maintenance Reports.
•    Service Groups

Engineer Mobile Application – NEW COURSE
09:30 – Thursday 21st May – Engineer Mobile App
•    Learn about the new features now available, such as: New menu button, ability to select a time & date for visits carried over the midnight hour, cancelling after arriving on site, blue tooth printing.
•    Android Battery Optimisation.
•    System Settings in office system.
•    Time Sheets.
•    Creating Jobs
•    Hints & Tips

New User Training – FOC COURSE
Friday 22nd May – New Users 
Familiarisation, navigation and basic operations within key modules

Job Operations
09:30 – Tuesday 2nd June – Jobs – Part A
•    Using the Jobs Global Enquiry screen (inc Advanced Filters).
•    Creating Jobs.
•    Allocating Jobs using the Planner Board

09:30 – Wednesday 3rd June –  Jobs – Part B
•    Updating existing Jobs (inc cancelling jobs and using Tasks).
•    Adding further visits.
•    Adding parts via request / workshop issue process.
•    Raising purchase orders for Parts.
•    Raising purchase orders for Misc item

09:30 – Thursday 4th June – Jobs – Part C
•    Completing a Job.
•    Invoicing Jobs.
•    Further Work Required process.
•    Job Quotations.

09:30 – Friday 5th June – Jobs – Part D
•    Multi Equipment Jobs.
•    Job Module Setup & Settings.
•    Job Module Reports.

Maps, Routes and Scheduling – NEW COURSE
09:30 – Tuesday 9th June – Maps & Routes
•    Understanding Google Maps Integration
•    Using Route Planning.
•    Understanding Dynamic route Scheduling

Stock Operations
09:30 – Wednesday 10th June – Stock – Part A
•    Stock Enquiry (including searching for parts), Part Creation, Stores – Min Max & Multi Supplier parts
•    Serialised Parts, Kit Builds

09:30 – Thursday 11th June – Stock – Part B
•    Job Stock Issues (and reporting on fulfillable issues), Stock Adjustments (incl Stock Taking), Purchasing Stock, 
•    Goods Received 
•    Stock Set Up (Types/Discounts/Categories), All utilities, Parts Kits

Previously advertised May Courses:

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Please take a look at our professional services calendar for details of future training courses and other events:

* These sessions will be held remotely in our virtual classroom and are available to delegates from all of our customers. 

Specific organisational processes may be discussed during Delegate Q&A at the end of each session.

Morning sessions start at 9.30am and run until approximately 12pm.  Afternoon sessions start at 13.30 and run until approximately 4:00pm.

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