How FSM Software Benefits Catering Companies

At Protean Software, we design our systems specifically with a central focus on mobile workforce businesses. The result is our Field Service Management (FSM) Software, which can benefit a variety of companies in several ways. But, if you’re in the Catering Industry, this article is about how this software system for managing fieldwork can help your company specifically. So, how can our software help you stand out in the catering industry?

Get full visibility of your kitchen 

Not only does field service management software track the progress of your catering staff whilst they’re completing a function, but it also enables you to have full control of your operations. This includes ensuring all work is compliant with all of your health & safety requirements, as well as specific requests that your clients have specified. This streamlines tedious checks that can often delay other catering services, letting you focus on the quality of food that your kitchen provides!

Assign catering events, update jobs, and improve communication

As the name suggests, this software is ideal for managers looking for a faster, more efficient way of planning client catering functions. FSM software allows you to create work schedules and automatically allocate jobs to your staff plus with the Software’s Mobile App you can update tasks and job details anytime, anywhere. This can significantly help catering companies to improve their communication, as well as to work more productively and with fewer admin issues as a result.

Better results With Protean Software

Once it has been integrated into your catering business, you can truly Get The Most Out Of Field Service Management Software. This means that in the long-term especially, you can improve almost every aspect of your services. 

On the supply-side, automated job expenditure trackers and an Equipment Register help to make you more cost-effective. Meanwhile, the time you save on job allocation and admin with FSM software can allow you to focus more on what you do best: catering. In all, field service tools can help your catering firm to strengthen its customer relations whilst creating additional possibilities for business growth! 

Field Service Management Software by Protean

Overall, Protean Software’s FSM Tools are a must for any catering company. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our software can do for yourself by Booking A Free Demo Here. Alternatively, you can Get In Touch with any query on field service management software and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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