How Job Management Software can help Plumbing Firms

Job Management Software gives field service businesses a central hub to organise both your office-based and mobile workforce. It allows for more efficient planning and scheduling, which can greatly help plumbing firms. Indeed, if you’re a plumber or the manager of a plumbing company you’ll know that organising your teams and their workload can sometimes present challenges. If this is the case for you, then here’s how job management software can help:

Easily assign jobs and update tasks 

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a platform designed to help organise your workforce is the ease at which you can assign employees to specific jobs. Using a simple planner board, you’re able to schedule plumbing work whilst removing time-consuming paperwork and manual organisation. On top of this, having one place for documenting all work-related activity means that you can update workers at any time, helping your plumbing jobs to be completed more efficiently. 

Track mobile workers and ongoing jobs

Minimising delays is essential when trying to provide a high-quality plumbing service. That’s why job management software can auto-allocate jobs to field workers with the best route to a given site. Then, when they arrive at a job location, your plumbers can communicate with management on any issues with Protean’s Mobile App. In all, this real-time tracking can increase the productivity of your plumbers by reducing any issues that complicate the task at hand.

Manage costs and inventory

Software solutions don’t just help with the service side of plumbing. Job management tools can give you full visibility of your business expenditure, with features such as automated cost calculations and invoice processing. It also makes tracking your inventory effortless. The Equipment Register provides supervision on servicing requirements, whilst a Stock Level Management System ensures your plumbers have all the necessary tools for any task.

Improve customer relations and grow your plumbing business

No matter the business, the long-term aim of job management software is to improve the experience of your clients with the service that you provide. So, by automating tedious administration and removing opportunities for delays, a software solution allows you to optimise your organisation and the quality of your plumbing services. Add to this simplified payment options and profit reports, and potential for your plumbing business to grow can be increased dramatically!
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