Key Equipment for Field Service Engineers

Field service engineers have to perform complex jobs on a daily basis for your business. So, it’s essential that you provide them with the right equipment, and that you know that they’re the best people to perform on-site work and represent you. Here’s what we believe your field service engineers need:


Let’s start with the basics. Whilst not technically ‘equipment’, it is vital that your engineers have the right attitude about your business, whilst showing professionalism and willingness to learn. Good Communication with Management and clients is similarly very important here, as is attention to detail, pride in your company’s work, and independence on-field jobs.

A well-stocked toolkit and the right gadgets

Your field engineers should be provided with a toolkit that goes beyond the basics. They need necessary resources such as screwdrivers, wrenches, wire cutters, hammers and much more so that they can carry out their work without delay. This is why effective Inventory Management is a must for engineering businesses. 

In addition, the latest technology such as geolocators can be vital, and gadgets such as a rugged laptop or tablet are an excellent extra to store relevant field manuals, as well as job and client information.

Mobile engineer software

Perhaps most importantly, your engineers need the ability to be flexible to changes in jobs and situations. This is why good internal communication between management and field workers is so important in the Engineering Industry.

Mobile field service management software enables engineers to plan and provide updates on their work effortlessly. Tools like the ServiceSight Mobile App cater specifically to this and can automate payment processes as well as certain admin work. It allows staff to focus on what they do best: engineering!

How Protean Software can help

If you’re an engineering business, then Protean have various software products that can reduce field worker downtime, boosting your productivity and efficiency. You can read our full range of Benefits & Features Here, or check out our solutions for either Maintenance Service Engineers or Gas Engineers.
Lastly, you can even see for yourself what we can do by requesting a Demo Here or by Contacting Us!

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