The Benefits of a Job Management App

Field service management software is a powerful resource for any business looking to improve productivity through an efficient scheduling system. The best management tools can revolutionise the way businesses of any size can operate, which is why many companies opt for Protean’s ServiceSight System. A key component of this software is to provide an effective job management app that can be used by both employers and mobile workers alike. So today, we want to discuss the advantages of such an application look like.

Complete Visibility

Perhaps the first benefit many people using a job management app will remark on is how convenient it is to monitor their ongoing jobs and projects. Any good job service management software should provide your company with a job tracking tool as well as a detailed log of planned work on a task. The ability to search through this information and track how your workers are doing is a major perk of having this software in a smartphone app, where it can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Speeding-Up Jobs

Another significant aspect of having a management tool on a mobile device is being able to quickly update jobs and create checklists for your field employees. Moreover, your staff can record their travel and use the app to navigate themselves to a site using the fastest route possible. What this means is that delays can be reduced and consequently your jobs can be completed quicker, all through a responsive mobile app.

 Improvements for Customers

It’s not just your staff that will see the benefits of a job management app, your customers will notice as well! Having field service software on the go makes it even easier to raise invoices, capture customer signatures, produce contracts, and take payments on site. Not only does this make customer interactions run smoother, but it also makes the client’s experience with your company more effortless on their part. This, combined with quicker job completion times, should leave customers even more impressed by your company.

The Job Management App by Protean

Our ServiceSight Mobile App was built from the ground up around our award-winning field service management system. This means that it can help your business achieve all of the above benefits by offering our trademark list of comprehensive features and resources. You can read more about our new Job Management App and, if you have any questions or queries, be sure to Contact Us for help!