Can Software Boost Employee Satisfaction?

Can Protean’s Field Service Management Software improve employee satisfaction and boost your company’s productivity? In short, we believe the answer is yes! And here’s why:

What is Field Service Management Software?

Field service management software is a resource that allows for better oversight of a Mobile Workforce, making job planning easier for businesses. It can be used in a Variety of Sectors to reduce delays and increase efficiency. Furthermore, it normally enables companies to automate repetitive tasks and certain admin jobs. 

Protean provides three types of field service management software, including our FSM Tool, ServiceSight, and ServiceSight Pro

How does it boost employee satisfaction?

A better organisation with automated admin tasks

With our software, you can create work schedules for employees based on priority, maximising their efficiency. In addition, you can save time and resources whilst going paper-free. This is because field service management software allows you to create profit reports and calculates job costs on completion of the job. 

This reduces dull, repetitive, and time-consuming work that field staff often need to do, allowing them to focus on their specialist work instead. 

Improved employee communication

Moreover, you and your employees can manage service agreements with ease. You can create your own contracts, calculate service agreement expenditure, change tasks and update checklists or the status of an active job. It makes updating management on job issues easier for employees and can improve communication with clients since calculating and taking payments is simplified.

Access for employees anytime, anywhere

Another impressive feature of our field service management software is the ability to guide employees to their locations using Google Maps. Using either the Mobile Engineer Application or the Protean App, you can create the fastest and most efficient route for jobs. This helps your staff save time on travel whilst reducing fuel consumption and drive time.

Essentially, it allows you to plan the quickest and most efficient route in case of accidents or traffic. This reduces frustration and delays for your workers, leading to tasks running smoother and improving both employee and customer satisfaction!

What Protean can do for your business

Among our list of benefits to help make your employees happier, this software is great for management too. Indeed, managers can track the progress of daily jobs as well as maintenance jobs, all of which can be viewed from the Dashboard. You’re able to get more jobs done on a day-to-day basis without expanding your team, potentially increasing service revenue. 

You can also automate inventory management with our Equipment Register, or schedule recurring work, servicing agreements and job allocations for certain employees. In all, Protean’s Field Service Management Software is the complete business resource for managers and staff alike!
For more information on how Protean could be beneficial to you, check out our Features & Benefits Page. Alternatively, you can request a Demo Here or Contact Us.

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