The Demand For FSM Software

Many companies have had to adapt in the way they operate including the way their products and services are sold. According to marketsandmarkets, the Field Service Management market has emerged from the impact of Covid-19. The market size is predicted to grow in revenue from 3.7 USD billion to 5.7 USD billion from 2021-2026. 

The pandemic has seen a surge in embracing FSM software across the sector. More users are adopting field service solutions and leveraging this against expansions and low costs. During the outbreak, businesses are able to expand at similar paces despite the slowdown of the economy without any negative impact.

Key benefits of Field Service Management software

Protean Software has been a specialist in Field Service Management software since 1996. The concept of FSM software is to automate your tasks to streamline processes, boost efficiency and productivity when managing tasks & field workers. There is a wealth of features and benefits offered in Protean’s FSM software. Fundamentally, these include:

  • Increased productivity: save time when managing & tracking workers, scheduling, dispatching tasks to the right workers, customised features to support business objectives and completing invoices.
  • Structured processes: Manage workforce effectively through seamless information flow between customers and technicians.
  • Budgeting: Companies can stay on top of their budgets and how much it costs per job.
  • Cost efficiency in production: Maximise ROI with Protean’s cloud-based software. Enhance project quality by driving the best results in customer experience and cost reduction.
  • Improved customer journey: Increase customer satisfaction and their experiences via automated tasks to technicians, track progress and completion via FSM software. 
  • Mobile engineer app: Prepare field service personnel to use this so they’re resourceful and amplify their productivity.

Investment in FSM software adds value to an organisation’s growth. It is important to consider the needs of a company when deciding which FSM software to get and when. It’s not to just reduce time and money, but to build long-lasting relationships with customers for the business to evolve. Especially as it helps manage relationships between businesses and customers from beginning to end.

Why FSM software is needed

As we’ve explored already, the crisis from the pandemic has increased the need for field service management. Throughout the years of Field Service Management, there have been significant changes to processes as technology has advanced rapidly. Here are 3 main factors to support the benefits of FSM software but also highlight the importance of FSM software:

  • Process standardisation – Uniting service departments in multiple locations for the same delivery and practices for high standards and providing high-quality services. It is a vital element in digital transformation in every business.
  • Predictive measures – FSM software is a powerful tool for flagging issues and actioning them before they become critical
  • Agility and Adaptability: FSM software enables further support to field teams as the system will provide enhanced compliances, procedures and more.

Don’t lose out on revenue because you don’t have the right FSM software. Enquire today and our experts can go through the features and benefits. Alternatively, book a demo and see the platform live in action!

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