How does IWMS Software support a hybrid workforce?

Many employees want to work remotely or work some days in the office and the rest from home. The shift has taken place rapidly and this new way of working is now the standard in many workplaces. Companies are always looking to boost their workforce’s productivity. Employers have become flexible in letting workers choose how and where they work. 

Technological advances such as IWMS Software plays a key role in streamlining tasks, making the move towards hybrid working much easier. It also helps workplaces be more dynamic and agile. 

Features of IWMS

IWMS is also known as Integrated Workplace Management Software. It is an integrated tool, where you can communicate and share information across the following Field Service Management pillars:

  • Service agreements: Customise your contracts and reports
  • Work schedules: Workload based on priority
  • Automation: Invoices and quotes are generated within the software
  • Route optimisation: The use of Google Maps enables Engineers to arrive at destinations and complete their jobs quicker
  • Planning: Plan, define, update worksheets, and calculate service agreement costs for your Engineers

IWMS Systems also supports facilities management and real estate strategies for greater efficiencies in workplaces. CMMS Software and CAFM Software have a precise focus on different aspects of facilities management, whereas IWMS connects them all, operating as an all-inclusive tool.

Sustainability benefits in IWMS Software

The demand for heating and electricity will fluctuate because of the hybrid work culture. During the working week, it is highly unlikely that the office will be open all the time. The best way to utilise electricity and heating in the office is to make use of the energy consumption data from IWMS software. The advantage of this data is that we can reduce our carbon footprint as fewer people will be commuting to work and we can decrease energy waste in the office. 

Why is data from IWMS important for hybrid working?

Valuable insights from IWMS Software can tell us a range of information such as schedules, equipment, resource availability, and office space. The data can help employers transition their staff to remote or hybrid working smoothly. Companies will want their workers to feel secure yet be productive. 

Software like IWMS allows Field Service Managers to understand how they can better serve their customers. They can also maximise hybrid working in terms of productivity, well-being, and efficiency. This opportunity will help businesses to create the perfect workplace for their hybrid workforce.

Health and Safety with IWMS

Based on the data from IWMS, we can plan cleaning around desk usage. Notification is triggered within the system when a desk has been vacated. The cleaner can schedule a clean ready for the next person to use. Field Service Workers can manage this remotely and ensure the workspace isn’t released until it’s been sanitised. 

Learn more on how IWMS Software can transform your workplace in Field Service. For more information on IWMS features and how they support a hybrid workforce, request a demo or contact us.

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