What Does Service Tracking Software Do?

There are many software solutions for managing field workers, but one of the most effective is job & service tracking software. This allows managers to track the progress of tasks and projects in real-time, and communicate updates between them and their staff and vice versa. All of this can be done on any device with the software, or on Protean’s ServiceSight mobile app

What are the main features of Service Tracking Software?

You may think that this question answers itself, that service tracking software tracks your jobs and services. Whilst this certainly isn’t wrong, there are far more features to this tool than it may appear. These include:

  • Full access to information surrounding a service – whether or not a job’s been assigned, who it has been allocated to if field workers are awaiting parts, their location, further project updates etc.
  • A drag and drop planner board – allowing you as a manager to plan your company’s work for the foreseeable future.
  • A progress entry section – for field workers to log their work and give status changes in real-time.
  • Scheduling and communications options – so managers can request the servicing of certain equipment, and relay information to staff.
  • Automated job calculations – to create invoices quickly and to stay on top of the cost of services as your work changes.

This all amounts to a fully integrated task management system that aims to help with every aspect of your business operations. It also tracks your services!

What are the benefits for management staff? 

Back in the office, our ServiceSight software gives you full visibility of your job tracking system. Thus, it’s easy to utilise the features of this solution to maximise the benefits for your business. Essentially, you can improve your day-to-day efficiency and, because of this, increase your service capacity and revenue stream. 

You will also save time on admin tasks and can receive payments faster as many repetitive tasks can be automated by the service tracking software. Indeed, you can even become an eco-friendly business with this resource by going paper-free!

What are the benefits for field employees?

Our software goes beyond simply managing a mobile workforce. This is because service tracking software aims to streamline the time-consuming aspects of your employee’s tasks. It means that your field workers benefit from the easier communication features when, for instance, they need new parts or equipment. As a result, they’ll suffer fewer delays and will have the option to automate the tiring process so that they can focus on the job at hand. 

As the software also provides a place to store more information on each job, field employees can strengthen relationships with clients even further, improving both worker and customer satisfaction. 

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