Managing A Mobile Workforce

Those overseeing field workers who deliver essential business services to a variety of locations face many unique challenges compared to those in other industries. Thus, regardless of the business sector, there is much debate over the most effective tactics for managing a mobile workforce. So today at Protean Software we thought that we’d give our advice on how best to organise your company’s field service management.

The challenges of a mobile workforce

But first, it’s important to identify what the challenges faced by a mobile workforce actually are. So, in short, here are the main issues that make organising fieldwork less efficient:

  • Communication Issues – if staff carry out jobs where phone signal is limited, or if their project information is largely paper-based, then communication can easily be disrupted and work updates delayed.
  • Information Gaps – These can be caused by communication issues, but are also a result of the constant movements of mobile workers, which can sometimes leave them without the full details on jobs and/or equipment.
  • Transport Problems – This issue involves job delays that can be caused by inefficient transport routes to a site, as well as admin delays that stem from forgetting resources or paperwork.

Tips for management

Streamline & simplify routines 

Evaluating your current working practices is an important place to start when looking at improving field staff management. If there’s any admin that is needlessly complicated or just inefficient overall, looking at replacing and improving those routine tasks is essential to strengthening your mobile workforce. 

Improve communication 

Next, fixing those communication and information gaps is essential to improving your management. Your business should adopt a system that relays details on tasks easily whilst also allowing you to track jobs and provide updates as quickly as possible.

Install Field Management Software

The above two points may sound simple, but they’re certainly easier said than done with many businesses already operating with the best practices possible. That’s why installing ServiceSight mobile workforce software is crucial. This tool allows you to manage remote staff and their projects effectively and easily, reducing delays and increasing productivity. In fact, you can see how it combats all of the typical challenges that a mobile workforce faces on our features & benefits page!

You can also trial our mobile workforce software now by booking a demo, or you can contact us for any further advice.

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