Staying Safe with Job Scheduling Software

As our communities begin to emerge from lockdowns around the world, demand for your field business should also be slowly recovering. This means you’ve most likely been planning for more jobs, and have been bringing more employees back into work. And yet, the threat of COVID-19 is still present. Subsequently, safety remains a serious concern and taking measures to protect the field workforce needs to be considered by all companies.

Thankfully, Job Scheduling Software is a tool that can help with this in ways you might not have realised.

Planning to Minimise Contact

One of the main benefits of Job Scheduling Software is that you can assign work quickly through an easy-to-use drag-and-drop planner board. In turn, this tool has become essential for minimising face-to-face contact between bosses and their employees when scheduling jobs. The system allows for easy online communication when planning field jobs, meaning your workforce can continue to operate remotely whilst remaining productive.

Setting Safety Reminders with Job Scheduling Software

Another built-in feature of Job Scheduling tools that can help protect your workforce is the ability to set reminders and post updates on tasks. In the past, this has been useful for employers as it’s enabled them to update field workers on job resources and the required supplies.

However, post-COVID, another purpose for this can be to create safety checklists for employees. For instance, as well as alerting your workforce to job information, you can set reminders on facemasks, hygiene standards, distancing rules and much more. Thus, Job Scheduling Software can be essential for maintaining safety practices in your day-to-day operations.

Reducing Time on Jobs

A significant factor in the health risk many of our remote workforces will now face is the length of time that they are ‘exposed’ to unfamiliar environments. Indeed, even with hygiene practices in place such as cleaning sites in arrival, any task that involves a confined space needs careful consideration.

Job Scheduling Software can limit the risk your employee’s face by reducing the time it takes to complete these remote jobs. This is achieved through built-in resources such as automated part scheduling, quick and easy contract creation, as well as on-site task updates. These prevent delays on active jobs and subsequently help your workforce complete tasks quickly but also, more importantly, to higher standards of safety.

Protean Software

Of course, as lockdown restrictions are lifted, there’s no single answer to providing maximum protection for employees. But at Protean, we hope that our Job Scheduling Software can be used to help reassure field workers and Boost Your Recovery, which is why our products provide all of the features described in this article. So, if what you’ve read here is of interest, you can find more information on Our Job Scheduling Tool Here. Moreover, our extensive range of Software which also offers significant help in increasing the efficiency of remote workers can be found on our Knowledge Hub.

You can see Protean Software in action by booking a Free Demonstration today. And as always, to ask us any questions or for any advice, please feel free to Contact Us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!