The Complete Stock Control Guide in Field Service

Stock control is crucial in improving the efficiency and performance of your engineers’ workforce. With effective Stock Level Management, field engineers no longer need to make excessive trips to purchase missing parts. This will free up their time and improve profit margins for the business. Stock control is the heart of every field service business that is looking to deliver first-class customer service.

What is stock control in Field Service?

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A Stock Control System uses a digital programme, like Stock Control Software, that encompasses all tasks relating to inventory management and maintenance. A business can purchase, track and re-order parts along with much more to efficiently manage their stock. 

Traditionally, a company would use spreadsheets or a stock book to log everything and track parts. Although this can work for new businesses, it’s not sustainable when they expand. This is where they’ll need an automated stock control system.

Benefits of a Stock Control System

Do you need any advanced tools?

There are plenty of benefits to inventory control. Stock Management allows you to serve customers faster and efficiently. This is not only faster and more cost-effective, but it also boosts field technician productivity. Field workers are often out on the road, so having remote access is a great advantage for them and the business.

Field engineers can create a personalised experience for clients as they have access to real-time information, and customer data, and can manage stock prices remotely. Moreover, they get paid faster after job completion because they can invoice directly from their mobile devices. This significantly improves processes and creates a more efficient payment method. 

Finally, stock control management provides transparency across all teams because the software streamlines communications from the field to warehouses.

The best process for stock control management

Here are some recommendations on how companies can better manage their stock:

  • Simplified tracking: Warranty control is issued quicker by inputting a serial number
  • Improved stock management: A stock level calculator allows parts to be replenished automatically
  • Establish multiple stock locations and suppliers for every product
  • Check order quantities and lead times (supplier part numbers must be identifiable)
  • Improve inventory workflow: Regularly review stock and check for availability to fulfil customer orders 
  • Identify appropriate alternatives and resolve out-of-stock issues 
  • Integrate stock requisition into a Job Management Software

Choose the right software for your business

Businesses will invest in a Stock Control Software because of increased cash flow and engineers can replenish parts effectively and simply. As field workers have access to parts where they can upsell or order on the spot, this will improve their first-time fix rates. Simply put, technicians can complete their jobs quicker and clients will be much happier. 

Transform your business and improve your stock management with Protean Software’s products. Our specialists can guide you to the right choice of software to suit your business needs. Book a demonstration with us today or contact us online for more information.