Top Field Service Management KPIs

Alongside a comprehensive Software Solution, the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is crucial to realising the efficiency of your Field Service Management. Defined as a measurable value that shows the effectiveness of a specific business process, they’ve already displayed their use in Improving Fleet Management. So, with this in mind, here are the KPIs that can help improve your field service capabilities.

What are the top KPIs for field service management?

To extensively cover all of the essential aspects of your field service management system, we’d recommend tracking KPIs in the following areas:

Scheduling efficiency

Effective Job Scheduling is vital to speed and quality of field task performance, and KPIs you can use for this include:

  • The rescheduling ratio (the number of rescheduled tasks divided by all tasks), which reveals the potentially lost business hours due to planning issues.
  • The average number of job updates per task – this should highlight flaws in your scheduling process and areas where additional communication is frequently needed.
  • The average number of equipment requests (this can be calculated using an Equipment Register) – this can highlight if there are recurring gaps in the job information given for certain tasks.

Engineers and field service workers

Keep track of employee performance with indicators such as:

  • The mean repair time, which shows the average length of your jobs and is trackable with Field Service Management Software.
  • Tasks performed per day can help to highlight your engineers’ productivity and, alongside the above KPI, can be used to figure out field worker idle time between jobs.
  • Average miles travelled per day is a great start for figuring more efficient routes for your field service teams. 

Management performance

Alongside employees, your oversight on fieldwork should be assessed critically using the following: 

  • The total number of jobs processed per day is a good place to start when reviewing the speed of your field service management.
  • The average time taken to resolve a problem can highlight the efficiency management has at responding to the changing nature of field tasks.
  • The percentage of tasks finished on time should reveal your management’s overall ability to perform how the business would hope for.

Reports from Protean Software

Many of the above KPIs are trackable with our software products and Business Intelligence Reports. Indeed, field service management software can provide analytics tools that can be used to track many more of these indicators. Meanwhile, the scheduling and job communication features of this system can then be used to improve other KPIs, subsequently boosting your efficiency, productivity, and overall revenue. 
So, for more information, you can view our Features & Benefits Here, or see Protean Software in action by Booking A Demonstration Today!

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