What is Mobile Workforce Management Software?

Mobile Workforce Management Software is often seen as an essential tool for any company that employs field workers. It’s designed primarily for staff who typically operate outside of your business location, and acts as a link between your office staff, managers, mobile workers, and the customers you’re servicing. It centralises the oversight of your business practices, whilst possessing the ability to track, record, as well as store data on all of your company’s jobs. This helps you operate a more efficient and productive workforce.

How does Protean’s Mobile Workforce Management Software function?

Our Mobile Workforce Management Software can be divided into several components. The core of our system is the management planner board, which allows you to schedule employee tasks and automate standard maintenance tasks quickly and effortlessly. This feature also has the ability to organise recurring work and can be set to notify you when engineers finish tasks or if they’re having any issues, which improves the responsiveness and efficiency of your firm.

From there, our planner communicates with the mobile devices used by your field workers to ensure clear communication on any and all information they need to do their job. This includes task details such as customer information, compliance procedures, and job updates.
Finally, all of this is supported by an external storage software that stores key information that could be required for any follow-up tasks. From the types of equipment a given customer uses to the dates of contract renewals and equipment maintenance checks, Protean’s Mobile Workforce Management Software stores all the essential data you’ll need in the long run. Furthermore, this information can be used to build stronger sales campaigns, potentially increasing the number of repeat customers your company sees.

Why does your company need a Workforce Management System?

Most businesses still rely primarily on the paper-based processes of timesheets, delivery notes, and job order forms. But this has always been plagued with problems such as storage issues, sorting troubles, and frequent human error. Thus, with Protean’s software, you can:

  • Increase efficiency through improved management
  • Raise company standards by making tasks easier for mobile workers
  • Become a more productive organisation whilst reducing administrative costs
  • Personalise sales campaigns and strengthen customer relations
  • Outperform rival businesses

In short, if you operate a mobile workforce, this software could revolutionise your business! If you’d like more information, you can check out the numerous Features and Benefits of our products, or Book a Demo. Alternatively, for any further advice, feel free to Contact Us or get an Introduction to Protean Here.