Why HVAC Companies Need FSM Software

Whilst businesses in many Industries and Sectors can benefit greatly from software solutions, it could be argued that HVAC companies get some of the best value. These companies always have parts of their operation on the move. Thus, utilising Field Service Management (FSM) Software can often be revolutionary. It’s why today, we want to cover the features of FSM tools that benefit the HVAC industry. 

Why do HVAC companies look for software solutions?

Managing a successful HVAC business can be incredibly demanding. Technicians frequently have to visit multiple job sites every day, parts and equipment are constantly being transported, fleet vehicles need to be tracked and customers need to be kept happy. On top of all of this, you need to meet high industry standards and compete with the competition, meaning the HVAC Sector is always searching for greater efficiency.

Because of all this, the demand for FSM software solutions has risen sharply in the industry. These tools aim to support managers as they oversee their business, making processes easier both for them and their field workers. In turn, such solutions can make HVAC companies more efficient and subsequently more efficient, and here’s how:

The main features of FSM software for HVAC companies

Field service management software has a variety of Features and Benefits on offer, but the main ones for HVAC businesses include:

  • Planner Boards enable jobs to be planned, updated, and scheduled for specific technicians or drivers quickly and easily.
  • Admin task automation, eliminating repetitive tasks like contract processing and cost calculation among other time-consuming jobs.
  • An Inventory Management System for keeping track of HVAC products as well as installation equipment and fleet vehicles.
  • Analytics tools for HVAC companies that allow you to monitor KPIs.
  • A Mobile App Option for easier communication with your field workers. 
  • Integration with accounting software such as Xero, Quickbooks, Pegasus Opera and more.

Field Service Management Software by Protean

Overall, Protean’s FSM Software can offer solutions that can truly benefit your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning company. By reducing the time that you spend on admin, focusing on efficiency, and offering several management tools, our software can save you money and increase your productivity. 

See for yourself how we can help your HVAC company by Booking A Demo or, to ask us any questions about FSM, feel free to Contact Us Here.

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