Improving the impact of your CMMS Software

Installing Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Software is increasingly becoming vital in ensuring your team are as productive and efficient as possible. Our software achieves this by enabling your company to quickly and effortlessly manage maintenance teams, field tasks, as well as inventory and workflow, all through the same system. However, if you want to get the most out of the benefits of CMMS, here is some advice from Protean Software.

Organise your System: Setting yourself CMMS goals

As with any attempt to improve the day-to-day operations of your business, setting yourself objectives and having a plan for meeting these targets is important. The implementation of CMMS should therefore be no exception.

Even if you know very little about our software, setting CMMS goals is straightforward. Because our software displays such a wide variety of data, from easy to navigate planning boards to clear and concise inventory lists, you can set yourself any kind of objective. For instance, you might want to reduce the number of delays found in everyday field tasks, or ensure you’re cutting costs effectively, both of which can be tracked easily using CMMS.

Manage your Workflow: Utilising Sales Tracking features

Once you’ve set your business some CMMS-based objectives, it is imperative that you ensure you’re using the software to frequently manage your sales pipeline. This will be essential to tracking a wide range of prospects, as you’ll receive all of the information needed to monitor contacts and plan effective sales campaigns. Protean’s CMMS software can therefore maximise your ability to track both reoccurring and prospective business.

On the same page: Integrating CMMS into your Workforce

However, for the advice above to have the desired impact, the data collected by your CMMS software needs to be accurate. And, of course, accuracy can only be achieved if your workforce fully understands and utilises the system you implement for your business. So, you must standardise all of your processes and documentations through CMMS, whilst ensuring all of your employees adapt and fully utilise the new software.

If you are successful in this, there will be minimal confusion after CMMS has become established in the way your company operates, and all goals and sales figures can be tracked with the utmost accuracy.

Use the data: Analysing and Adapting

With Protean’s CMMS Software, there’s no limit to your business’s productivity and efficiency. This is because the system vastly improves visibility as to how your business functions, both in regards to the short-term and the long-term. Once you’ve gathered data on jobs or sales campaigns, you can easily analyse it and assess how your company could improve. From there, you schedule tasks more suitably, retarget customers more effectively, and speed up day-to-day operations by eliminating any issues you were unaware of prior to installing CMMS. As business is always having to make changes and adapt, this is arguably the most vital way that you can make the most out of CMMS Software.

Overall, installing CMMS can help to improve your business in so many more ways than most of us realise. That’s why, when choosing an appropriate system, it’s important to choose a reliable vendor. This is where Protean Software comes in. With our reliable CMMS solution and innovative user interface, we aim to revolutionise the way that you manage your remote workforce.

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