Is It Time To Move On From Spreadsheets?

Businesses need to coordinate and organise their operations somehow, and one of the most common tools for Assigning Work & Job Planning is to use spreadsheets. These can have a variety of purposes, whilst their low cost of use and intuitive design makes them easy to understand. But they have downsides, meaning that you should consider spreadsheet alternatives such as a Business Software Solution. And here’s why.

What are spreadsheets used for in business?

Lots of companies use spreadsheets to provide oversight on some aspects of their business. A few examples include:

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How can they help?

Spreadsheets are often the go-to option for small businesses as they can have some advantages such as:

  • They are typically free or require a low start-up cost
  • Most people are familiar with them so very little training is needed
  • They can be customisable, collaborative, and flexible with data presentation
  • Updating and changing records is fast and straightforward
  • It can be easy to visualise performance metrics 

What are the limitations?

Despite some upsides, however, spreadsheets can have significant disadvantages that can affect productivity and revenue. Some of these are:

  • They can be time-consuming to assemble and reduce business capacity
  • User bias can mean analysis of performance is inaccurate
  • Advanced features aren’t always user-friendly
  • A lack of security behind sensitive business documents
  • They are prone to human error if data is manually updated, which can limit revenue
  • Organising multiple spreadsheets can quickly become confusing and disorganised
  • Oversight of specific team members can be difficult
  • There can sometimes be no mobile access
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Spreadsheet alternatives: is there a better solution?

With so many risks and limitations, spreadsheets are beginning to have a less crucial role when it comes to Running an Efficient Business. This has led many to search for a spreadsheet alternative for organising and analysing company information. And the most popular upgrade is simple to utilise a form of business software solution, as these provide a secure database whilst remaining easily accessible.

Business software solutions by Protean

Protean Software offers effective company solutions through its ServiceSight Systems. This business software has all the field service management tools that SMEs require. This means that it can be used to track company performance as well as staff workloads, improving job capacity and productivity. 

Ultimately, it reduces the time-consuming process of spreadsheet management and the errors that can result from this. In turn, your business should face fewer oversight complications, which can improve revenue and profit in the long run.
You can find out more on our Business Software Solutions Here or, to see what Protean can do for you, Book a Demo Today.