What is CMMS maintenance software?

CMMS maintenance software is a software package that maintains the database of a business’ maintenance tasks. CMMS maintenance systems are built to help field service workers/engineers do their jobs more efficiently by allowing management to have more visibility.

What can you do with CMMS maintenance software?

staff using tablet for CMMS Software

Assign tasks

Increase operational efficiency with our CMMS solutions. Managers can easily see whether jobs are unallocated, allocated, awaiting parts, site attended, or awaiting details, etc. They can also schedule recurring work or organized maintenance and send reminders to engineers when there is an important job that needs doing or is on the verge of being overdue.

Sort out job charges and payment

Use our CMMS maintenance software (different to CAFM system) to save time by automating the calculation of job charges based on job type and customer agreement. You can also set up permission-based user roles to give senior managers the authorisation they need to override costs if needed. Verify invoices, manage stage payment applications and project cost reviews.

Managing inventory

CMMS solutions allow you to simply track your stock by serial number so that you can speed up warranty control. Replenish van stocks automatically and intelligently using a van stock level calculator. Manage stock prices by using the flexible automated parts re-pricing facility and improve stock workflow with a ‘kitting’ facility using a multi-level bill of materials to identify if stock is required, then check to see if sufficient stock is available to fulfil an order.

Maintain client relationships

CMMS maintenance systems can help you to prioritise resources, and safeguard and grow your most profitable accounts. Use the powerful prospect database to increase lead generation, manage your sales pipeline, make accurate sales forecasts, and predict cash flow.

This is just a small insight into what a CMMS maintenance system can do for you – see all the features here.


The addition of a CMMS maintenance system to your business enables you to run your business more efficiently and can help you become more customer-focused. For more information on Protean CMMS maintenance software, download the free demo or contact us.

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