How Work Management Software can help you

Protean Software Ltd is setting the standard for Work Management Software, regardless of the size of your business, its industry or niche. But many may be in the dark in regards to what the term encompasses, what the benefits are and how it can help them. Here, we try to answer a few of the questions you may be asking.

What is Work Management Software?

You’ve probably heard the term, put simply, it’s a digital tool that allows you to improve the efficiency of your mobile workforce through tracking, planning and organising their schedules. This combined with massively reduced paperwork and administration tasks, the flexibility of our cutting-edge mobile and desktop apps and ease of use will increase the efficiency and productivity of your team.

This isn’t just Project Management, it is a way to revolutionise how you monitor your work, whether it is project-based or not. Our packages offer so much more than out-of-the-box project management solutions, at a price that is affordable for all.

Our software features

Our unique software boasts all of the tools and functionality needed for you to monitor and manage your mobile team from start to finish, whilst also allowing you to track and keep on top of schedules, costs and invoicing.

We offer two versions – Protean FSM, offering a complete solution for field service engineer businesses, and our award-winning field service management software designed for small businesses – ServiceSight.

Just some of the features of Protean FSM include:

  • Easy management of Service and Hire agreements
  • Task checklist and expenditure monitoring
  • Equipment register and equipment tracking
  • Auto-allocated jobs using dynamic route scheduling
  • Provide engineers on a call-out with full, real-time parts and requisition information
  • Complete jobs and capture signatures even when offline
  • Report generation with nearly 350 standard templates
  • Full professional service packages including training, implementation and data migration

Features built into ServiceSight include:

  • Invoice jobs and collect payment directly via mobile devices
  • Cloud-based software that works on any device, anytime, anywhere, with no IT costs
  • Quick and easy integration with Quickbooks

As well as the above, both packages also include:

  • Customer histories and prospect databases
  • Drag and drop planner boards and maps
  • Mobile apps that work online and offline
  • Choice of drag and drop planner boards
  • User-friendly customer web portal
  • Schedule auto-reminders, text messages, emails and more

Along with the above field service capabilities, our software also allows for centralised communication so that all engineers and employees can receive notifications and stay up to date with immediate changes and information. All documents are stored securely and are readily accessible.

The benefits of our Work Management Software

We pride ourselves on our software being easy to use, easy to integrate and that it makes a noticeable improvement to the smooth running of your business. You will no longer need to use a variety of different tools and waste money paying for each of them, streamlining saves you time and money.

Broader extended benefits include:

  • Improved efficiency – manage your entire team via one platform with integrated KPIs
  • Increased productivity – track workflow and learn from previous jobs
  • Improved customer satisfaction – hitting more deadlines and fulfilments equal happier customers
  • Visualised workflow ­– segment and visualise all of your teams’ duties at each stage of their work
  • Effective collaboration – collaborate freely across multiple tasks, leave comments and feedback
  • Increased service revenue – better productivity means faster work completion and more revenue

Improving your work process will allow managers to see how work is distributed through the company and finetune working practices moving forwards to further benefit your business.

See how Protean can help you today

If you operate a mobile workforce, we are here to improve your business productivity. You can find out more about Protean FSM, learn more about ServiceSight or book a FREE demonstration, we’d love to hear from you.